Hey everyone! My name is Krista, and I am going into English for secondary education. If you are reading this, you are probably in ENG 310, but maybe not! Either way, welcome!!! I am really excited about using this blog to further my advance into educational technology–a venue that has since remained out of my reach! However, if you are reading this, I suppose I have successfully set up my blog and have created an opening statement.

As an English major, psychology minor, and a future teacher, the purpose of this blog will focus on various teaching and learning styles. In my opinion, each student is an individual who has specific and unique needs to learn. Therefore, I am using this blog to explore the possibility to teach in a way that every student in a classroom will have the best advantage to learn.

I hope to also learn more about the world of education as I research teaching styles and learning styles. My sources will come from the RSS feeds that I have accumulated on Google Reader. So far, I have feeds for various sections of the New York Times, BBC News, a Google News search for teaching styles, learning styles, and literacy, and a blog called Suite 101 that gives classroom and lesson ideas to teachers. I am using these sources to find current news about how teachers are using teaching styles, programs, and any other mode to accomodate more effectively the learning styles of students. Within this discussion I will be looking at how an indivisual teacher is and can be working towards this issue, as well as how schools and school systems are working to accomodate a differentiated education geared to individual student learning needs. Even though I am doing this blog for my “Teaching Writing” class, I will be lookiong at how teachers in general should be craeting classroom environments and school environments conducive to students’ learning styles. Hopefully, as I learn more about the field in which I hope to enter…so will you!